inknow solutions is a company that develops and supplies integrated knowledge solutions.

inknow solutions has the means to support you finding answers diluted in your company’s data. Nowadays, we have access to data generated by the business activities which dimension does not enable finding timely solutions. This data is collected from several available sources, from sensors within physical production processes to data inserted by our collaborators, internal or external. This data is like diamonds in the rough that can be used to enrich your business. Only a modelling process focused on the relevance allows to find the best balance between the utility of the obtained knowledge and the efforts to its extraction.

at inknow solutions, we use advanced modelling and simulation techniques to develop prediction engines to foreseen possible critical situations at your business. Plus, they allow to identify the impact of possible solutions in ahead of timeĀ and in an economically efficient way. The simulation of your business activities allows you to analyse the real impact, in different perspectives, of several possible available ways to go. The focus of the analysis provided by our systems is in the return of the investments.

inknow solutions is waiting for your contact so we can find together the solutions hidden in your data. We have at your disposal a team with long-time experience in modelling processes and the development of taylor-made ICT solutions.